• Josh Herbert

"Are you sponsored? Who is YCW Suspension?"

I get these questions a lot as I try to plaster YCW's name where ever I can. (For good reason!) The stickers on the side of my car aren't just for ricer points.

The answer to the first question is YES. I am sponsored by YCW Suspension. But not in the typical monetary sense. In return for a free set of coilovers I have been completing YCW's research and development by putting their Reference Series coilovers to the test both on the street and the track.

Now, Who is YCW Suspension? YCW is the parent company of MFactory. (Odds are, you have heard of MFactory.) MFactory is the "brand" and YCW is the engineering company behind all the magic. YCW is a small company based out of San Dimas California. They are somewhat new to the coilover game but they did their homework and have successfully engineered suspension systems for a large market including everything from Lamborghinis to Honda Fits.

For the past 2 years, YCW and I have been working on their Reference Series coilovers. The Reference Series is their mid-level coilover which is designed to bridge driving performance between street and track. I have put these dampers through the ringer. I have pushed them through 80+ track days, autocross and time attack events. I have over 5k miles of street driving on these while driving my car to and from the track with a tire trailer. Watch how I treat them at Watkins Glen in the video below. Have you ever seen how HUGE those rumble strips are? YAH. That's me launching the car into the bus stop 43 seconds in at 85 mph. All four wheels on the rumble strips EVERY LAP. Then driving home with a tire trailer. It is safe to say YCW knows how to build a stout system.

The best is yet to come. YCW has told me that they are in the process of completing their Argentum series coilover for the ZN6 chassis. This is the next level up and is specifically designed for track cars. This level of coilover comes with 2 way adjustable dampers (low speed compression & rebound) and external reservoirs. Right now they are putting the final touches on the reservoirs and are hoping for me to start testing late 2019- early 2020.

If you are interested in a set of YCW coilovers or MFactory products or have any questions feel free to hit me up. I will see what I can do to help. Or check them out yourself with the link below.

YCW Suspension


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