• Josh Herbert

Pineview Run: Drift invitational: 7/11/19

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

When I say only six drivers showed up, it would make the even sound like a total flop. But the RIGHT six drivers showed up and put on one hell of a show.

With Pineview Run being so new (and this being an invitational event) both the drivers and the organizers didn't know what to expect. But this event put shed light on the drifting world and Pineview. The drivers LOVED it. And Pineview loved the crowd it brought. Anyone who was there will tell you how EPIC it was.

From the sounds of things, plans are in the works to squeeze in another event by the end of the year but next time it won't be an invitational or on a weekday. A lot of information was thrown around about organizing a drift event by some of the event organizers that made the trip. They claim with the right date, they will sell the next event out. So stay tuned. You aren't going to want to miss the next one.

More (and better) pictures HERE


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