• Josh Herbert

Pineview Run Challenge Cup: Event 6 - wet track

Since the Pineview Challenge cup started I have been hoping for a wet event. When the track is wet, Pineview's complex series of turns challenges you to manage car placement and throttle control even more than usual. The nature of Pineview is big fun with minimum risk. That style of track plays well in the rain.

Onto the results. I was hoping for a little more rain to help equalize the power difference between Takis and myself but as the track dried Takis M3 power out shined the agility of my FRS. So Takis got the win with myself second. This loss puts me out of contention for a second cup win but I am still in it for the track class championship unless something crazy happens at the championship event on September 21st.

In the 3 weeks leading up to the championship event the FRS will be coming off the road for the full racecar treatment. I don’t have any reason for the FRS to be on the road and to be honest, I never enjoyed driving the car on the street that much anyway. Be on the lookout for a weight reduction post. Things are about to get real.

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