• Josh Herbert

Pineview Run Challenge Cup: Championship event - Josh Herbert Track Class Champion!

I had a big day at Pineview during the Pineview Cup Championship event. Conditions were perfect and I finally beat my Pineview PB with a 1:14.69. Finishing first in my class for the day set me up with the championship in the 200 tread wear "Track Class" but not enough for the overall cup.

In preparations for the event I had removed 57 lbs of interior and glass. I was pretty happy with the suspension settings in event 5 so I left them as is. The real difference was that the track was used everyday during the week with little rain. The rubber on the track made a big difference in grip and the weather the day of the event was perfect. Being 57 lbs lighter didn't hurt either. Call it the placebo effect or whatever, but I swear 57 lbs was enough to feel.

Overall the Challenge Cup was a lot of fun. I think there will be a few rule changes next year to shake things up a bit.

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