• Josh Herbert

Pineview Run Challenge Cup: Round 1

Updated: Jul 12, 2019

The first event of the Pineview Challenge Cup was last Wednesday (6/12/19) and it brought out a pretty solid crowd. The event was a lot of fun and I believe it accomplished the goal of getting some like minded people together and competing.

The first Pineview Cup in 2018 was a single time attack style event, winner take all. THIS YEAR the Pineview staff came up with the idea to make it a series with accruing points; much like you would see from a typical race series. The idea was to keep the rules simple and competitive for both club members and non-members. So the ONLY rules are tire based.

Street class: 300+ tread wear tires.

Track Class: 200+ tread wear tires.

Race Class: Under 200 tread wear tires.

Despite swapping out dampers for a new custom valved set the night before, I pulled off a win by over a second with a 1:15.7. Disappointingly, quite a bit slower than my 1:14.8 personal best. I contribute the slower laps to my personal lack of development in the Dunlop Z3’s and new dampers. (more on the dampers and tires soon.)

There are some really capable cars and drivers out competing. I don’t expect this type of result to continue as it was the first time at Pineview for many of the competitors. Once they figure out the secrets I am sure the gap behind me will closer.

If you are interested in competing in the Challenge Cup series check out the link below. Spectators are free so even if you don't participate you can still be part of the action.

More on Pineview Challenge cup: HERE

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