• Josh Herbert

Pineview Challenge Cup Rules & Class Calculator

For the 2020 season Pineview Run decided to shake things up a bit for their time attack series called the Challenge Cup. Last season's rules were incredibly simple with tire treadwear being the only factor to classing. Although the season saw some hard fought battles between competitors, this ruleset was ultimately flawed. So Pineview member/endurance racer Mario Korf decided to do something about it.

Looking back on last years lap times and results, Mario proposed a ruleset that includes horsepower to weight ratio divided by a carefully calculated tire modifier point system. The tire modifier was decided after running an ungodly amount of lap time simulations using the Optimum Lap software. Optimum Lap allows you to enter a cars horsepower, weight, tire grip and aero in order to see the ideal lap around a particular track. The end result being a simple yet fair ruleset for the 2020 season. If you are interested in more information about the rules change, Mario wrote a very detailed article in his blog. Check it out HERE.

Mario's ruleset is pretty simple however, Mario and I decided to make a class calculator to aid any confusion. THIS SHEET will not only tell you what class you compete in, but will also act as your sign up sheet for the events. The sheet also shows your raw data so you can dial in your car for a class.

Another change to 2020's format will be the dates and times of the events. Many enjoyed the idea of some friendly competition on a weekday. However there were some that, understandably, couldn't make the weekday events due to other obligations. 2020 plans to host 12 Challenge cup events and one championship event. Out of those 12 events, 6 are on Thursdays nights and 6 are Saturday mornings. In order to qualify for the Challenge Cup Championship, you only need to compete in 6 of the 12 events. Meaning those of us who love breaking up the week with some time attack fun can compete in the Thursday night events, and those of us that have weekday obligations can compete in the Saturday morning events.

If you have any questions or are interested in competing in the challenge cup, feel free to contact me by clicking "Contact" on the bottom left of your screen.

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