• Josh Herbert

Pineview Challenge Cup: Event 5/Try new lines

Again the track record fell at Pineview Run. This time, good friend, Alex Kostakis took the crown with a 1:12.69 in her race class BMW M3. Congrats Alex!

In the track class I had to settle for second place to the same BMW M3 that took the track record. Only in my class it was piloted by Takis Skaltsas after he swapped to 200 treadwear tires. Takis ran a 1:13.0. Although it isn't a win I am still very happy to have run a 1:15.2. This year has been a struggle at Pineview with my PB 1:14.8 seeming unattainable on my current tires. After working on a few lines and studying the data, I am headed in the correct direction. My fastest time prior was a 1:15.4 and, if you recall, in event 4 I failed to get into the 15's.

I tried a few odd lines through turn 2 and 10-11 with good results in this session. I braked late into turn 2 and diamond cut the corner for a faster exit. Then drove deep into turn 10 for a late apex in turn 11. Resulting in a higher top speed into turn 12. I came out of 11 so fast I dipped a wheel on the second lap!

Shout out to Scott Herb of Photography In Motion for the awesome pictures!


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