• Josh Herbert

Pineview Challenge Cup: Round 2/Where are all the competitors?

Updated: Jun 28, 2019

The second event of the Pineview Challenge Cup is in the books and scores me another win. I have mixed feelings on this win but I will take it. The good part is, a win is a win and holds me in contention for the championship. It was rewarding because I fought the car all night. I was fine dealing with trying to figure out relatively new tires and dampers. But this time I had to figure out the heat. It was way hotter than it has been and had rained earlier in the day resulting in interesting track conditions. Everyone was a little slower than the first event so I was excited to mimic my 1:15.7 from the first event in the second run. But holding true to true racers mentality, I wasn’t content. I turned some knobs, adjusted my tire pressure and tried another line for the last run! Viola! 4 tenths quicker with a 1:15.3. Watch the video below for my Rick Flair excitement at the end of the lap.

Now the upsetting part. There was only 2 other people in my class. Both of which were at least +1 second off my lap. This bums me out because I thought these mid-week time attack events were going to be pretty popular. I personally love that it is on a Wednesday night. It gives you something to get you through the week. And I don't think it is possible to have more fun for $75 (non-member) $20 (member) bucks.

The track class and street class don’t share this issue and got REALLY interesting this week.

In the track class, competitors Alex (BMW M3) and Mike (Porsche 911) are very close with Alex squeezing out the win by a tenth.

The street class is close as well and even had a little off track drama in the final run where a car put two tires off. Resulting in a 1 second penalty.

Hopefully we can get a few more contenders in the series. It has a lot of potential. Contact me if you are interested in Pineview Run. I am happy to answer any questions.

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