• Josh Herbert

FREE Scion FRS / Subaru BRZ / Toyota GT86 AC Delete

Updated: Feb 28

There is nothing better than sitting in grid on a 90+ degree day with the AC on. My intentions were to keep the AC until it stopped working. Unfortunately, it stopped working when my condenser was damaged in my crash at the end of 2018. Knowing the car would become a track toy at some point (and being cheap and not wanting to pay for something that wouldn’t make the car faster), I ditched the AC system.

First off, this idea wasn’t mine. I stole it from a Pirelli World Challenge team that compete with three BRZs. I saw that the mechanics had taken apart the AC compressor in a BRZ to remove some weight but maintain the pulley as a free AC delete. It is a simple solution and the mechanics said they have never had an issue with it.

The modification is super quick and painless.

1. Once the compressor is off the car, remove the 7 bolts on the back then pry the pieces apart. There is some nasty oil in the housing to be ready with some rags.

2. Keep the large e-clip that holds the pulley on. Everything else is OK to remove.

3. Bolt the piece with the pulley back on the car using the two front mounting locations.

4. Re-install the serpentine belt.

Bam done. Free AC delete.

I ran it like this for all of 2019 (2500 track miles) with no issues.

The compressor housing bolts removed - compressor still assembled

The front part of the compressor after dis-assembly - Back view

The front part of the compressor after dis-assembly - front view

End product

Scion frs free AC delete


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