• Josh Herbert

Custom Alumalite DIY front splitter - Scion FRS

For a while I have had some ideas for a new splitter. The aftermarket splitter options available for the twins are actually really nice. Especially the Verus Engineering unit that mine is based on. But in the end, they are all designed my companies that need to make money while conforming to the general buyers needs. This fact means that comprises were made in order to keep costs down and to provide bolt-on options. My goal is to create a sustainable, lightweight option that is mounted lower, utilizes diffusers and uses high quality components and material.

I started by purchasing a 10mm thick 4' x 8' sheet of Alumalite from a local sign shop for $240. That sounds a little steep but that is enough material to make 2 splitters. So in the end it is much cheaper to replace than any off the shelf option.  

Using my existing Verus Engineering unit and hardware as a template, I began planning my cuts. I knew I wanted to add material to the front sides to help feed the new diffusers. Efficiency of the diffuser increases with more area before the diffuser. I also saw an opportunity to add material further under the car. I added 1.5 inches to the front sides and 2" at the back of the splitter.

Once the splitter was cut out I began planning the diffusers. There isn't a lot of room in front of the wheel to fit the diffusers so I set them at a slight angle. The diffusers are a universal product from Professional Awesome. They claim customers have seen huge downforce gains when these are added. So much so, that Professional Awesome has a warning in the product description stating "Please ensure your splitter is properly attached to the car. These can, and will, create much more downforce and can rip the splitter from its mounts. YOU’VE BEEN WARNED!". That kind of warning makes me very excited to try this product.

Taking their warning seriously I attached a piece of 1" aluminum square tube to the chassis under the radiator to help protect the splitter from sucking itself clean off the car. The aluminum tube was attached with bolts via 2 existing holes in the frame. The splitter element was then mounted to the bottom of the tube with rivet nuts.  

I was excited to compare my splitters weight compared against the previous unit. Turns out my unit with hardware and diffusers is 4lbs less than the previous!

With a little additional drilling and trimming it was ready for full installation. All that is left is to peel the protective film off and wrap the top of the splitter black. I am pretty happy with the final product. However fabricating this splitter has given me plans for a version 2.0. Never satisfied, Forever improving.  

Notes: Verus Engineering Splitter (w/ race upgrade): I highly recommend this for anyone that wants a bolt-on solution: 

Professional Awesome diffusers

Salt City Signs - 10mm thick alumalite

Heavy trimming of the wheel liners is needed to accommodate the diffusers. Make sure the front of the liner still have a place to mount to so it doesn't get pushed into the tire by air entering the grill area.

In order to mount the 1" aluminum square tube brace, I had to trim the center leg of the plastic bumper stay.


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