As long as I can remember I have had an interest in motorsports. Like many racers of my generation, I spent many hours on racing video games from a young age. I never actually got behind the wheel of a race car until I was 14. From there I was hooked and never looked back.


Since I wasn't in a go-kart from the age of 5 like most racers, I had a lot to figure out. I have always been a self-learner and have never been afraid to try something to observe the result. I feel many people saw that and started asking me questions about car setup and driving technique.

Because of this, I decided to become a driving instructor in 2017. And much like my racing, I am hooked. 

Now, I am no Ross Bentley or Paul Gerrard. If you are looking for a pro-driver coach, I would happily refer you to either of them. What you find on this site are the skills and techniques I am learning myself. The content could be driving technique, car setup or anything driving related. Basically a place to store all my thoughts and testing to observe what works and what doesn't. My hope is that it is helpful to you.


Coaching at Pineview Run Auto & Country Club.


Pineview offers professional driving instruction with me to both club members & non-members. Instruction can be anything from data review to in-car coaching to suspension/tire testing.


 - Non-Member price rate - $75/hour

 - Pineview Member rate - $50/hour

*Unless booked with a inclusive track program. 

*All participants must complete the one-time     Pineview safety program before being allowed on track.


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